A Social App for Beer Lovers

BrewSpace is a place for beer enthusiasts to track their drinks, discover new beers, and see what others are drinking.

How to Use

BrewSpace is Easy to Use:

  1. Type a beer and what you thought of it. The app will save the time automatically.

  2. Generate a timeline of the drinks you've had over time using a MySQL Database.

  3. Compare drinking habits and preferences with your friends who also use the app.

  4. Query the BeerDB API to find out more info about unfamiliar beers your friends drink.


Compete With Friends

Try to beat your friends on the Top Drinker Leaderboard while also making sure your favorite beer is the most popular.

Timestamps For Proof

Anyone can say they tried 157 different beers last year. Only BrewSpace can verify it with time recordings made on the spot.

Add Custom Beers

Can't find a beer in our database? Add it yourself! BrewSpace is completely personalized and community-driven.

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Start Tracking!